Developing WebGL

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***New venue***

We’re using September’s event to trial a new venue: The Shooting Star (closest tube is Liverpool St), more information about the venue here:

Tube lines to here are: Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan. Buses are: 8, 25, 48, 11, 78, 205, 388, 100, 149, 135, 133, 242, 47.

General release tickets are available from Eventbrite on Wednesday 21 September at 1pm.

There’s a lot of talk and demonstrations around WebGL, who could forget the 3 Dreams in Black video from Google I/O earlier in the year? (Warning, modern browser required). It’s had a lot of development, but it’s still a new specification, so where do you start in developing WebGL?

A 50-line useful WebGL app

Ilmari Heikkinen (@ilmarihei) will use the three.js 3D engine to take you through how to get started in WebGL.

Ilmari is a Developer Programs Engineer working on Chrome at Google. He’s trying to make the web more beautiful through crazy graphics hacks and spends most of his time tinkering with canvas, WebGL and CSS.

Interested in showing your own project?

We’re looking for lightning talks around the subject of WebGL. If you feel like starting a discussion, showing a project or sharing a thought for up to 10 minutes, get in touch with

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