London Web Standards September 2013 – BBC Olympics:Accessibility + JS Tools & Tricks (#lwsaccessjs)

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Join us on our next event on Monday, September 16 at 6:30pm at Forward Technology.

“BBC Olympics: An Accessibility Study” by Alistair Duggin 

How do you make a website as ambitious as the BBC Olympics accessible? This presentation shares the challenges faced, approaches used and lessons learned.

About Alistair (@dugboticus)

Alistair recently joined the Money Advice Service as Lead Front-end Developer. Prior to this he was a Principal Web Developer at the BBC working on large projects such as Weather, Olympics and Nature. He is an accessibility and usability advocate and believes building websites with progressive enhancement and accessibility in mind benefits everyone’s user experience with having to compromise design or functionality.

“Functional Javascript Tools & Tricks” by Tim Ruffles

Javascript has first-class functions and closures, and that allows us to play with most of the cool tools available to functional languages. FP can lead to short, concise, readable code, especially in pipelines like those found in data-viz. Knowing how to stretch functions to their limits is a great way to find out more about JS, regardless of your style!

About Tim (@timruffles)

Tim is the founder of SidekickJS, a code-quality tracker for teams. A Javascript & Ruby dev based in London, he was previously front-end tech-lead for Skimlinks and Picklive.

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