22 September 2014 – Pre-loading China Great Firewall (#lwsChinaPreload)

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General release tickets are available from this page on Friday, 12 September 1pm.

Join us on our next event on Monday, September 22 at 6:30pm at our lovely venue ASOS.


Greater London House
Hampstead Road

Nearest tube station: Mornington Crescent.

“East of Eden – Online Life beyond the Great Firewall” by Miles Metcalfe

China, the world’s second largest economy, a major donor to the cash-strapped UK government, will soon be building a nuclear power station near you. And they don’t even have Facebook yet![1]

In this talk, we’ll journey beyond the Great Firewall of China and tour the internet from the other side. How do China’s 600 million internet users spend their annual 500 billion hours online? What sorts of sites do people visit, and how?

We’ll look at the wider context of the Chinese internet, the major players, their business models, and the regulatory framework they operate in. We’ll look at site design, and “netizen” participation. We’ll check a few facts, and bust a few myths, about one of the largest, and fastest growing, markets in the world.

[1] Correlation is not causation.

About Miles (@mmetcalfe)

Miles helps disadvantaged groups improve participation in digital society. Before moving to East London, he lived in Shanghai for four years, where he was involved in the tech startup community.

“What does the browser pre-loader do?” by Andy Davies

The pre-loader (a.k.a speculative or look ahead pre-parser) is one of the largest performance improvements made to the way browsers load pages.

What it does and how it works is sometimes misunderstood, leading to suggestions it’s a Chrome only feature or that it’s “the most destructive ‘performance enhancement’ there’s ever been”.

In this talk we’ll look at why we need the pre-loader, how it helps page to load faster, the differing behaviour of various browsers and a few things that might catch us out.

About Andy (@AndyDavies)

Andy first stumbled into web performance in late ’90s when he was trying to deliver e-learning over dial-up connection speeds and has been hooked ever since.

He’s currently Associate Director for Web Performance at NCC Group, where he helps clients to understand, and improve the performance of their web sites.

Andy regularly speaks about web performance and occasionally contributes to open source projects, he wrote “A Pocket Guide to Web Performance” for Five Simple Steps and is currently working on “Using WebPagetest” for O’Reilly.

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Get your ticket here: http://lwschinapreload.eventbrite.co.uk.

Pre-Release tickets will be available on Wednesday 10 September from 1pm.
General release tickets will be available from Friday 12 September from 1pm.


The event will be held at ASOS.

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Greater London House
Hampstead Road

Nearest tube station: Mornington Crescent.

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