LWS 15 May 2017 – #lwsA11y17a

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When and where: Monday 24th April 2017, 6:30pm @ Sainsbury's (see map below).

"SVG accessibility" - by Léonie Watson

This talk will trace the evolution of SVG accessibility from SVG 1.0 through to the forthcoming SVG 2.0 standard and the new ARIA Graphics module. It will examine the current state...

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LWS 17 October 2016 – #lwsGrids

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When & where: Monday 17th October 2016, 6:30pm @ Sainsbury's (see map below).

"The Future of Web Layout with CSS Grid"

CSS grid is a watershed for layout on the web. In this talk I will run through the syntax to create a grid. I'll explain the two different syntax's used to place contents on a...

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LWS November 16 2015: Flexing your Computer (#lwsOkFlex)

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"Burn everything down and use flex by default" by Mike MacCana

It's 2015. Floats? Overflow for things that don't overflow? Displaying things that aren't table cells as table cells?

This isn't a Flex HOWTO. It's a talk about making ...

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