LWS 15 May 2017 – #lwsA11y17a

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When and where: Monday 24th April 2017, 6:30pm @ Sainsbury's (see map below).

"SVG accessibility" - by Léonie Watson

This talk will trace the evolution of SVG accessibility from SVG 1.0 through to the forthcoming SVG 2.0 standard and the new ARIA Graphics module. It will examine the current state...

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LWS 20 March 2017 – #lwsA11y17

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When & where: Monday 20th March 20167, 6:30pm @ Sainsbury's (see map below).

"Fringe Accessibility Techniques (That Shouldn’t Be)" - by Adrian Roselli

If you’re familiar with accessibility, you may know some of the basics already. We’ll review some newer or more obscure techni...

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