Important changes to London Web Standards

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Dear London Web Standardistas,

We have a number of important updates to share with the community today.

Our beloved Jeff Van Campen is moving on to become a father for the first time and has handed over the important activity of organising London Web Standards to a new group of enthusiasts. We would like to wish Jeff the best of luck in future and look forward to seeing him sneak out of from the clutches to parenthood every now and then to discuss the important matters of properly formed HTML5, rounded corners with CSS3, linked data, RDFa and so on!

London Web Standards is moving from strength to strength. We have now set up our own dedicated web site at and have our own professional logo. This megalithic structure will require looking after by a team of well rounded individuals who know a thing or two about these matters. At our handover meeting, we decided the following team structure:

Ben Dodson (@bendodson) will be the main organiser of events and the venue
Nick Smith (@twitrnick) and Jason Grant (@flexewebs) shall be documenting decisions and maintain the content on the web site
Rob Enslin (@robenslin) will be taking care of the social network engagement aspects of LWS
Joe Lanman (@joelanman) will be in charge of back end technical infrastructure for LWS web site

Our last two meetings have been held at ‘The Square Pig’ near Holborn and we will be continuing to use this venue for the foreseeable future. It’s a great central venue with projection facilities and good beer…

Now our website is up and running, we would like to grow the group further in a very open manner and have therefore decided to move over to Upcoming for event organisation as well as Yahoo Groups for various discussions. Our Twitter channel (@webstandards) is still open as usual. We’ll be running a website design competition shortly (more details at the meetup) and hopefully all of the above changes will become a lot clearer then!

Please make sure to signup to the new Yahoo Group as we will be sending all future emails from there. We will no longer be using after this months meeting.

We will go over all of these changes at the next meeting which is on 7th September at 7pm at The Square Pig in Holborn and will feature Michael Smethurst (BBC Information Architect) and Yves Raimond (BBC Software Engineer) who will be leading a discussion on Linked Data. They will be covering the basics of Linked Data, and will then be taking any questions or comments. We will also be running some quick-fire 5 minute warm up speeches at the beginning of the meeting covering a wide ranging number of topics. In our October meeting, Phil Archer will be giving a presentation on Mobile Web Best Practices and we have a presentation around web based typography planned for November. If you know of anybody who may want to present in the future, then please email Ben via

It’s going to be a busy time for us whilst we make the changes listed above but if you have any suggestions on how we can do things better then please let us know by emailing – we look forward to seeing you on 7th September.

London Web Standards Team

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