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At London Web Standards last night we announced a website design competition. London Web Standards is getting organised, we’re getting passionate presenters and an amazing group of new and regular attendees. We want the website to reflect this. If you’re interested in helping out, read on.

Aims of the site

  • To be a focal point for all of London Web Standards (LWS) online activities
  • To take the discussion online
  • To promote London Web Standards
  • To promote web standards
  • To be a focal point that collects all London Web Standards related materials (video, blog posts, photos, events, presentations and speaker bios), linked from the site


Check out the current website (this is it) for an idea of the information we currently have. We’re going to be adding to this. We thought about drawing you an IA diagram, but then realised you’re one of the talented designer/IA or UXD professionals who come to LWS. So here’s the content we need somewhere in the site:

  • The exisiting LWS logo (we like the design and were hoping to complement it with a new site design)
  • Aim paragraph for LWS (still being written)
  • Links (and/or content) to services that LWS uses: Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter, LWS Yahoo Group
  • Eventbrite booking page (yep, right there within the London Web Standards site)
  • Blog posts, including embedded videos and slides, as well as links to video, slides, comments, pictures and tweets from events
  • A prominent place for sponsor logos
  • Public calendar of upcoming events (fed from Google Calendar)
  • Information about the venue
  • Contact information, LWS and organisers twitter names, email address, web form
  • Promote up coming speakers – a bios page with relevant links to their work

Our technical bits and UI requirements

  • Our site is based on WordPress so whatever you produce will be applied to a theme
  • We need your designs to be accessible, for example – think of colour blind users (of course it’s not limited to this).

What do you get out of it?

Kudos? Satisfaction that you’ve made the site look less boring? A high value item in your portfolio for a cutting edge community group website.

You’ll get a link of the type “Site designed by X” at the bottom of every page and a link back to your personal site. Plus, between competition close and Monday 5 April, every entry will be displayed in a voting section of the current site with a link back to your website.

What we need from you

We need the graphic and UI design from you. Initially we’d like 3 templates:

  1. The homepage
  2. A blog page
  3. A generic template page

We can work around what you produce (creating the Eventbrite and calendar pages), but if you want to design more templates please feel free.

We’d prefer graphic design files in any format openable in one of the Adobe Creative Suite applications (things like Fireworks and Photoshop). For speed, you can send through a .JPEG, .GIF or .PNG file in the first instance, but we’ll need access to a layered (.PSD or Fireworks .PNG) version of the designs when converting your designs into a working theme. We’ll also accept code-based designs (if you prefer to design in the browser) and other supporting documents (things like IA and design justifications). However, we must make it clear we’re looking for graphic and UI design, not fully formed code (we can do that). If we have trouble opening your work we’ll get back to you.

What, where and when to submit

Entries can be submitted via email attachment to We can receive messages of up to 25Mb in size. We don’t mind you putting them in a compressed file (such as a Zip), in fact it’s probably easier that way.

You will get confirmation of your submission within 24 hours. If you’d like to arrange another way to give us your work, get in touch with us at, but please give plenty of time before the deadline.

The competition will start on Monday 15 February, it will be announced at the meetup and you’ll be able to submit entries until Monday 15 March 2010, entries will need to be received on or before 12 midnight. (Update: The deadline has been extended to Wednesday 31 March 2010.)

Deciding the winner

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 6 April 2010. They will be decided in an open public vote. Each entry is guaranteed to be displayed (along with a link back to your site) on the LWS site between competition close and when the winner is announced.

The LWS Organisers reserve the right to update this information as clarifications become necessary. If there are any major changes that will significantly affect your entry we will email the LWS email list with an update. If you’d like to sign up for these emails please register with our Yahoo Group. It’s also worthwhile periodically checking back here if you can. If you have any general questions please put them in the comments below.

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