April meetup: Faster web pages

by Jeff Van Campen. 4 Comments

London Web Standards is pleased to present:

Faster web pages: the secrets of front-end performance

Monday 26 April 2010 from 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Kornel Lesiński will explain quirks of web standards and browser implementations that cause unnecessary slowdowns, show plenty of tricks to lower latency and utilize bandwidth better, demystify PNG and introduce you to tools that shrink them more than you thought possible.

Tickets will be available on the 9th of April at 1:00 pm on EventBrite.

4 comments on “April meetup: Faster web pages

  1. Rich Johnson on said:

    Would it be possibly to rotate the day web standards falls on?

    I’m sure there are other people like me who cannot make Mondays. It’s a shame I have to miss out on these talks.

    I understand if you can’t but I thought I would ask.


  2. Bigismall on said:

    Brawo. Polski PorneL, będzie wykładał!

  3. Jeff Van Campen on said:

    Hey Rich,

    At the moment, it’s easier for us to get the function room at the Square Pig on Mondays.

    If we change venues, we will probably look at switching the event to a different day.

    In the meantime, we’re hard at work trying to get the video of some of our events online.



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