August Event: Design for the Future

by Jeff Van Campen. 3 Comments

London Web Standards is pleased to announce our next event: Design for the Future with Andy Hume and Richard Rutter. The event will take place on the 16th of August.

General Release tickets for this event will be available on Eventbrite from 1pm on 30 July.

Standards we’ve been reading about for years—HTML5, CSS3, WAI-ARIA—are finally making their way into all of the major browsers. At the same time, more and more people are accessing the Web using mobile and tablet devices.

This month at London Web Standards, Richard Rutter (@clagnut) and Andy Hume  (@andyhume) will discuss using emerging standards to create websites that are beautiful and engaging across a range of devices.

A Progressive Web, Andy Hume

The idea of progressive enhancement isn’t new, but the way we approach it needs to evolve. New devices such as those powered by iOS and Android are upon us, just as a throng of emerging technologies like HTML5 and CSS 3 are ready for action. With every day that goes by people are experiencing the web in new, different, undreamed of, impossible ways.  Exciting as this sounds on paper, how do we build websites within that impossibly complex and constantly shifting landscape?

The Future of Typography, Richard Rutter

At no other time has typography been taken so seriously by so many involved in the web, and that means there’s an awful lot of change and innovation to keep up with if you want to stay on the cutting edge of online type. This presentation will cover recent proposals and additions to CSS 3, from ligatures to hyphenation, synthesis to capitalisation, and much in between. It will cover the reasoning behind the new aspects of CSS 3, and reintroduce older properties which only now are becoming implemented and useful. The future of web typography is looking bright.

3 comments on “August Event: Design for the Future

  1. prisca on said:

    Thanks again for another wonderful evening 😉

    absolutely inspiring – could not quite believe all the CSS for font properties… will have some fun trying those out 😉

  2. Richard Rutter on said:

    Better late than never, my slides are here:

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