Internet Explorer, the story so far

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Our next event is Monday 16 May. Tickets released at 1pm on Friday 13 May. To get them and to find out more go to:

Like it or loath it, Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser in the UK.

We’re lucky to have a brave actual-real-life Microsoft Developer Evangelist to come and talk about how it relates to Web Standards. We’re pleased to host Martin Beeby (@thebeebs) delivering his talk originally planned for our State of the Browser event in March. We invite you to come and engage.

IE9, the story so far

There is no getting around the fact that, due to an intriguing history, when it comes to Web standards IE’s name is mud with many web developers. The legacy of IE6, leading edge in its day, still lingers nearly 10 years after its release and the nightmare of browser incompatibilities and CSS hacks still has web developers waking in cold sweats.

The good news is that IE6 usage is down to 3.5% in the UK and the better news is that over the past few years Microsoft has made a concerted effort to make that challenging history, well, history, and the outcome is IE9. The new browser illustrates Microsoft’s focus on standards and speed and has resulted in a browser that has surprised even our fiercest critics. It’s been a long journey and in this talk Martin Beeby will discuss how the community helped us build our best Internet Explorer yet and the amazing things that it’s capable of.

Apologies for the late notice of this event, we’ve had to rearrange from later in the month due to renovations at the venue. We hope you can still make it, if not we’ll do our best to post a video online.

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