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Martin Beeby

Been making websites since 1999. Taking a website like yahoo and viewing the source inspired me to get involved in the web. Form on the web used to be magic to me, developers starting now get so much client side they can work out how things like this work easier.

Why do we still build a browser why don’t we just use webkit? It’s the most used application on the web and Microsoft need to be involved in that. It also needs to be controlled centrally though an sys-admin.

One change in a browser could break 1 billion sites on the web. Microsoft have to be responsible to make sure they don’t break that many sites.

IE now has three main channels to get a copy. Platform Previews, html5 labs and final versions.

Platform previews come out every 8-12 weeks to get feedback from developers. It’s their version of a nightly. Html5labs are early prototypes, its not guaranteed to be in the next release, and it’s mainly implemented though shims and hacks. Platform previews are guaranteed to be in the next IE release. Releases are stable implementations.

A no implementation is better than a bad one. Text shadow isn’t supported because they didn’t want to ship a not quite ready version. If they ship a browser they can’t take the code back and update it so it needs to work properly.

During the platform previews if IE9 the acid score continued to rise and lots of web technologies managed to make it into the browser. They created some test cases which they gave to the w3c which showed that they had good implementation of all the HTML5 technologies which they wanted to have.

“No one should be told what browser to use”

Faster JavaScript and pin-able bits of the page are the features that the team were really pushing for towards the end of the development cycle. Pin-able parts of a page is the ability to drag pages to the task bar.

“Microsoft have a standards based browser? Next you’ll be telling me they just bought Skype”

IE10 every 8-12 weeks they will ship a platform preview. First one came out in April, they don’t want to leave people in the leach and want feedback. The best time to effect the change of IE10 is today.

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