London Web Standards CSS3 (#lwscss3)

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General release tickets are available on Monday at 1pm:

It’s conference season and fresh from Standards Next and DIBI we’ve managed to find two CSS heavyweights primed to inspire you with CSS3 goodness. Prepare for many tips and techniques that you’ll want to try out now, plus a look into the future.

Transitions, Transforms, Animations

The shiny bits of the CSS3 specification have been delighting us over the last year or two. “CSS3 Matrix Animation”, “Pure CSS3 AT-AT Walker”, “Star Wars opening crawl using only CSS3″; soon, we will have entire CSS3 feature films. But all that glitters is not gold. How far is far enough? How can we work with these new tools to our users’ and our own advantage? In this talk, we will explore how these new techniques are important to the modern day web designer, how best to use them and how they can improve everyone’s experience.

Inayaili de León (@yaili) currently works for Canonical (the creators of Ubuntu). Check out her book, Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites, released early 2011.

The CSS of Tomorrow

A brief recap of the most prominent features of CSS3 and a look into the short- and long-term future of the language. Guest-starring Superman.

Returning for his second talk at London Web Standards (see his first), Peter Gasston (@stopsatgreen) is currently a developer at digital agency Poke London. He enjoys talking about and teaching CSS and front-end development. His first book, The Book of CSS3, was released in May 2011.

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