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Microframeworks and Data Driven Documents (#lwsjslibs) live blog

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Daniel Knell (@danielknell) went over a short history of JavaScript. He then mentioned how JQuery became a dominant framework but turned into a monolith. This meant that JQuery soon became too big for most sites and purposes. This gave rise to use of micro frameworks which do one job for each framework and keep things small. This is the same ap...

LWS January: Microframeworks and Data Driven Documents (#lwsjslibs)

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Happy New Year! We have had a very exciting beginning of 2012 at LWS HQ and we have PLENTY of news to give you. First, January's event! This month, we've got two great talks on Microframeworks and Data-driven documents. JavaScript Microframeworks In recent years there has been an upwards trend in the use of JavaScript microfram...