Less on CSS and more on HTML5 – LWS is 5 (#lwsis5)

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It will be LWS’s 5th birthday and we will be in full celebration spirit! So bring your party hat and expect a cake kindly baked by @teppie. This month we have talks on HTML5 and CSS, with Steve Workman and Joe Leech.

CSS Pre-Processors – 21st Century CSS, Steve Workman

A long time ago (in this galaxy) the web was born, and it was good. Then CSS came along and separated presentation from markup, and it was also good. Then it hung around for a while with the web evolving around it until the CSS Pre-processors came and kicked it into the 21st century. Steve Workman (@steveworkman) will introduce you to this fantastic technology, and show you why they aren’t just nice-to-haves, they’re essential for modern web development.

Steve is a front-end web developer and mobile development lead at PA Consulting Group. He spends his days making cool prototypes and innovative solutions to tricky problems. And he tweets, quite a lot.

UX of HTML5, Joe Leech

HTML5 offers lots of new types of interaction. These new more powerful interactions mean we have a greater set of solutions available to us. But with great power comes great responsibility.
@mrJoe will share his experience with user research to show that just because we can use sliders & spinners it doesn’t mean we should.
You’ll learn how to use the new features of HTML5 so that you and your users get the absolute most from them.

Floor 2, Centro 3
19 Mandela Street
NW1 0DU London
United Kingdom
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 6:30 PM (GMT)

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