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This month (26th November 2012) we’ve brought you the best in the JS world. Seb Lee-Delisle (@seb_ly) and Remy Sharp (@rem) will talk about iframes and entertain you with a digital interactive experiment.

iframes: A look in to the black heart of the browsers, Remy Sharp

Black magic, voodoo and David Blaine have nothing on iframes. Iframes, for better or worse, are used all over the web for all manner of dark arts. They’re capable of protecting your site from other people’s content, and equally capable of creating public APIs out of thin air.

Through developing JS Bin over the last 4 years, Remy has come to be very intimate with the iframe and its tricksy ways. This talk will share stories, tricks and upcoming new features of iframes.
iframes: sexy, they are not. Freaky, they are!

Remy is the founder and curator of Full Frontal, the UK-based JavaScript conference. He also runs jQuery for Designers, co-authored Introducing HTML5 (adding all the JavaScripty bits) and is one of the curators of HTML5Doctor.com.

While he’s not writing articles or running and speaking at conferences, he runs his own development and training company in Brighton called Left Logic. Generally speaking, he’s about as crazy about JavaScript, HTML & CSS as a squirrel is about his nuts during the winter!


PixelPhones – united by technology, Seb Lee-Delisle

Seb is known for large scale installations and events like his interactive, digital fireworks, and glow stick voting systems.
In this session he explores how technology can bring an audience together and create the feeling of unification. He’ll talk about his most recent project, PixelPhones, that connects to the audience’s smartphones, turning each member of the audience into a single pixel of a huge pulsating display.He will then explore how PixelPhones can create unique events where the audience can truly become part of the performance, and the challenges involved in scaling this system up to 1000s of audience members.
Bring your iPhones, and Flash-enabled Android devices! Oh, and probably worth charging them up beforehand.

Seb Lee-Delisle is a creative coder, speaker and teacher, working across platforms including JavaScript, Processing and openFrameworks. He works to bring people together with large scale installations like PixelPhones, interactive firework displays or glow stick voting systems.

His work has pushed the boundaries of what is possible both on and off the web, and won two BAFTAs with Plug-in Media, the agency he co-founded in 2004.
A sought-after speaker, his recent Creative JavaScript / HTML5 workshop series sold out within hours. He co-hosts the Creative Coding Podcast, his blog can be found at seb.ly and he tweets @seb_ly.

Floor 2, Centro 3
19 Mandela Street
NW1 0DU London
United Kingdom

Monday, November 26, 2012 at 6:30 PM (GMT)

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