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LWS this month brings you the findings of David Ball, the developer that pretended to be blind for a week and a Browser Basics talk, to get you ready for State of the Browser by Adam Howard. Come and join us to find out how you should be using screen readers when testing and the long journey of our beloved Browsers.

“What I learned about web accessibility by pretending to be blind for a week” by David Ball

To learn more about web accessibility for blind users, David spent a week pretending to be blind and using a screenreader to access the internet. It was a frustrating voyage of discovery about the accessibility methods web developers either take for granted or ignore. What David started to discover was that web developers aren’t focussing on the real problems, and instead are fussing about things that aren’t problems at all.

About David, @davidonionball

David Ball is a Front-End Web Developer working for Silktide in Derbyshire. He’s currently working on Nibbler, a free tool for testing websites. He is passionate about web standards and writing CSS & HTML by hand.


“The browser: what does it do and how did we get here?” by Adam Howard

The browser: It’s that one window that you never close. How exactly does the browser work, and how has it changed from a simple document viewer to the platform it is today?

Next month sees this year’s State of the Browser conference, and Adam will be giving a primer on all things ‘browser’ to get you prepared. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the browser; how it’s changed in form and function, how we’ve seen it spread across platforms, and how it’s becoming an operating system in its own right. We’ll touch briefly on the underlying browser engine that makes it all happen, before moving on to a session on the APIs and languages that developers use to create pages for the browser (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

A year’s a long time in the web world, and the talk will end with the new developments that we’ve seen in the last 12 months and exciting demonstrations of how they might push the browser to new levels.

About Adam, @skattyadz

Think of any social media platform or piece of digital technology. Chances are Adam’s made something with it. He’s worked at exciting startups and agencies on award-winning projects for The Red Cross, Sony, Intel, Universal, and others. He loves hackdays and plays a key role at UK agency We Make Awesome Sh.

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