London Web Standards June 2013 – Git your code into shape (#lwsgitdiet)

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You think you know Git? Abizer Nasir, freelance developer, will challenge current users to be more expansive in their use of Git, and maybe bring some new users into the fold, while our Steve Workman, senior web development consultant at PA Consulting Group, will tell you how to get your site into shape, a diet for better performances.

“Putting your site on a diet” by Steve Workman

We’re getting fat. And I don’t mean our waistlines, I mean our websites. We all got broadband connections, uploaded some videos and went for a long lunch. Bandwidth has become so cheap that some hosts have stopped charging for it, unlimited 3G and 4G data isn’t uncommon, and unless you’re a heavy iPlayer user you’re unlikely to hit your quota.

With no rules and limits, we all went a bit mad, gorging ourselves on beautiful imagery, retina displays, rounded corners, infinitely scrollable websites with full-screen 1080p pictures and anything to make our web site stand out. This talk will show you techniques to keep your website weight down.

About Steve Workman, @steveworkman

Steve is a senior web development consultant at PA Consulting Group and is also an organiser of London Web Standards. He spends his time shouting motivational slogans at websites to make them work harder and lose weight faster, making developers better but not necessarily stronger.


“Git is not what you think it is” by Abizer Nasir

You think you know Git? Really?
Are you using Git the same tired old way, checking in your changes and pulling from your colleagues? Do you get the sneaking feeling that others are having much more fun with it than you are?
Are you a refusenik, not tempted to use version control because its not for you?
I’m going to challenge some common ideas about Git; I hope to get current users to be more expansive in their use of it, and maybe to bring some new users into the fold.

About Abizer Nasir, @abizern

Abizer is a freelance iOS and OS X developer who sometimes feels as if he isn’t programming so much as writing content for commits. He moved to Git from svn and Visual Source Safe (that’s a whole different story) and hasn’t looked back since. From time to time he writes a Git blog but prefers to share his passion in person, preferably using pint glasses to represent commits in a repository.

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Get your ticket here:
Pre-Release Tickets for the June 17th event will be available on Tuesday, June 3 from 1pm.
General Release Tickets will be available from June 5, starting at 1pm.


The event will be held at Mozilla Space in Central London.

Mozilla Office London
101 St Martin’s Lane
WC2N 4AZ London
United Kingdom
Monday, May 13, 2013 at 6:30pm

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