October 2013 – Modern progressive enhancement + Online identity (#lwsprogid)

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Join us on our next event on Monday, October 21 at 6:30pm at Forward Technology.

“Modern Progressive Enhancement” by Stuart Cox

10 years on from its conception, the technique of Progressive Enhancement is still touted by some as a best-practice for making a web site or app accessible to the largest possible audience. But its meaning – and application – has become misunderstood, contorted and diluted over the years.

I want to explain why I think it’s still the best way to achieve a broad user reach, now and in the future. Some say it doesn’t apply to heavily JavaScript-dependent web apps, but I’m here to prove them wrong. I’ll explain how the rules can evolve to solve modern multi-browser/multi-device/multi-user problems and future-proof your apps. I’ll also present a structured workflow for applying Progressive Enhancement in real-world projects.

About Stuart, @stucoxmedia

Stu is a senior developer at Potato and a member of the Modernizr core team. He is enamoured with new tech and likes to theorise about web design and development practices, while trying to balance purism with a healthy dose of pragmatism.

“Online identity: getting to know your users” by Cristiano Betta

Cristiano’s talk will cover:

  • The state of the authentication dance
  • Why online identity matters
  • The case for named vs unnamed identity
  • Online identity in the e-commerce space

About Cristiano, @cbetta

Cristiano is a developer evangelist at PayPal, event organiser at Geeks of London and a board certified geek.

He loves to code in Ruby, Rails & JS. Appreciates web standards, continuous integration, distributed version control systems, test driven development, and coffee.

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