LWS 29th June 2015: Dying breeds of the web (#lwsNinjaColumns)

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Our Venue

ThoughtWorks London
78 Wardour Street
London W1F

Nearest tube station: Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square

Help us find a permanent venue

We are still looking for a permanent venue for 100 plus attendees. Get in touch if you know anybody who can help us with that.

“Death to Icon Fonts” by Seren Davies

Do you use icon fonts? Are you aware of their shortcomings? In this talk Seren will highlight some of the downsides with using icon fonts and show you an alternative.

About Seren (@ninjanails)

Seren is currently studying Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes. In between studying and drinking cider she does the occasional bit of nail art.

“FTColumnFlow and newspaper layout on the web: a dying breed?” by George Crawford

In this talk, George Crawford shares his experiences in developing mobile apps for the Financial Times and The Economist; both initially driven to mimic the print layout of their newspapers on the web. He will share the constraints and requirements which led to the development of FTColumnFlow [1], a polyfill for many of the missing features in the original CSS Multi-Column Layout module. ColumnFlow introduces great flexibility and can produce fantastic renderings, seemingly tailor-made for each device, but is this whole approach to layout an outdated concept? As we have waited for simple missing features in CSS, a wide variety of new draft specifications have emerged: CSS Regions, Grids, Paged Media, Fragmentation, Generated Content, Line Grid, and Book Layout, as well as Multi-Column Level 2. But does the lack of basic features and the slow rate of progress in fact represent a lack of interest in this approach to layout on the web? Future specs such as those being explored by the Houdini project might allow for use-case driven development of CSS standards using primitives and true CSS polyfills, just like the emergence of Service Worker for JavaScript.

About George (@georgeocrawford)

George Crawford is a classical musician turned web developer. He started his second career just four years ago working for Assanka, later acquired by the Financial Times and rebranded as FT Labs. He now works as a full-stack developer on the industry-leading FT Web App [2], and as lead developer of The Economist’s web app [3]. He is passionately interested in a wide range of areas across the world of the web, including page layout, typography, aesthetics, usability, user testing, data-driven development, performance optimisation, visual regression testing, continuous deployment, and immersive web app technologies such as Service Worker. George still combines his work for the FT with the occasional music tour, and lives in Bristol with his wife and daughter.

[1]: ​https://github.com/ftlabs/ftcolumnflow
[2]: ​http://app.ft.com/
[3]: ​https://app.economist.com


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