LWS January 25 2016: Lightning Talks – Call for Speakers (#lwsLightning)

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Propose a lightning talk

Tell us all what you’re working on, something you’ve done, something you’ve learnt or even something that has been interesting you or that would interest the group. We’re looking for a broad mix of topics with no experience of public speaking necessary.

Submit your talk idea to organisers@londonwebstandards.org by January 14th. Just send us:

  • The talk title
  • A summary of the talk in no more than three sentences

Your talk will have to be 5 minutes long.

We’ll let you know whether we’ve selected your talk by January 18th.

Any questions, ping us an email at organisers@londonwebstandards.org.

Your talk may be recorded and, if you agree, published online.

Why you should do it

If you’ve done it before, you know why.

If you are a new speaker, one of the best things you can do, to learn how to present and speak better, is to do a lightning talk. Lightning talks teach you a number of things which are key to doing longer talks:

  • How to engage your audience quickly
  • How to stay on topic
  • How to pace yourself
  • Not to rely on fancy animations or complex demos
  • Not to read from over-stuffed slides
  • To rehearse your talk until you can deliver it smoothly

But the best reasons are that it’s great fun and a terrific way to meet new people who share your interests.

Key tips:

  • Keep your talk simple: one narrow topic only
  • Keep your slides really simple
  • Rehearse it until you don’t need notes

For more tips on how to give a lightning/ignite talk: http://scottberkun.com/2009/how-to-give-a-great-ignite-talk/

But most of all, don’t panic. We are a friendly bunch and besides, it’ll all be over in 5 minutes!

If you don’t fancy talking yourself, you might know someone who does.  Please help, by sharing this call for speakers on Twitter and email anyone you know who should propose a talk.

While we are on the subject, we are always looking for new speakers for our events, so if you think you have a full length talk get in touch anytime to propose a subject.

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