LWS 20 March 2017 – #lwsA11y17

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When & where: Monday 20th March 20167, 6:30pm @ Sainsbury’s (see map below).

“Fringe Accessibility Techniques (That Shouldn’t Be)” – by Adrian Roselli

If you’re familiar with accessibility, you may know some of the basics already. We’ll review some newer or more obscure techniques that can help prime you to look at the new hotness features with a more critical eye. Instead of pushing code techniques, we’ll discuss the logic behind these approaches, giving you the opportunity to turn some of these concepts over in your own head instead of just walking away with a shallow checklist.

About Adrian (@aardrian)

Adrian is a member of the W3C Web Platform Working Group, W3C Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group, and W3C Accessibility Task Force. He has written articles for trade journals, web sites, and participated as an author and editor on five web-related books. Back in 1998 he co-founded a software development consulting firm before leaving at the start of 2016 to start all over. At the start of 2017 he joined The Paciello Group. Some may recognize Adrian from his days helping to run evolt.org, one of the first communities for web developers. Adrian has been developing for the Web since 1993.

“YES, your site can (and should) be accessible too. Lessons learned in building FT.com” – by Laura Carvajal

In 2016, we at The Financial Times launched a new version of our website to great success. It broke ground on key areas in which we’d set out to excel and measured very closely, like performance, resilience and usability. But one day, and rather serendipitously, we realized we had largely forgotten to measure one thing: accessibility. And you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

In this talk we will go over how our team went from being generally oblivious about accessibility to making it a core part of our process across multiple divisions. We’ll look at the roadblocks we found and the lessons we learned, along with tangible solutions you can integrate them into your own project today, regardless of available time, budget or support.

About Laura (@lc512k)

Laura is a Senior Developer at the Financial Times, leading the Accessibility team for FT.com. She has been a web developer since 2002 and has a PhD in Software Engineering and Usability.


Tickets available here until Mar 16, 2017 at 12PM:

Our Venue

33 Holborn
London EC1N 2HT

Nearest tube station: Chancery Lane

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