Interested in speaking? Send us a little bit of information about yourself and what you’d like to talk about. We are always looking for new speakers and we are planning some short/lightning talks – we aren’t only looking for full-length talks.

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Our team

Dave Letorey (@dletorey)
Being my age I now know the Meaning of Life, I’m just not ready to tell you yet…
Ginestra Ferraro (@ginez_17)
Juggler in the world of freelancing! Split between colours and code. Web Designer, Front End Developer and Wanna-be Photographer. London Web Standards co-organiser.
Jim O’Donnell (@pekingspring)
Jim O'
Professional cynic but my heart’s not in it. Dr. of astronomy, web developer at @thisishoop, @webstandards organiser, @amnestyuk activist.
Morena Fiore (@mfujica)
Freelance Web Developer and @ladieswhocode co-organiser. I like to play with APIs and data, so you can easily drag me around the many hack days, but I also love shopping and eating out.
Nick Smith (@twitrnick)
I manage experiences as a job. No seriously. Websites too. I work for @thisishoop and also help organise @webstandards. Yoga as well (for sanity).
Rupert Bowater (@RupertLB)
Ancient geek (on my father’s side). Into web standards, data visualisation & visual thinking, e-consultation, service design, black tea and warm beer.
Steve Workman (@steveworkman)
London Web Standards Organiser, Web Dev, UX architect, iOS and CSS brainiac with a passion for good design and innovation.

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