“Teaching JavaScript to Sing” by David Miller & “d3 and moving things” by Roberto Cascavilla

Teaching JavaScript to Sing

by David Miller @Orangetronic

JavaScript has some pretty powerful new(ish) language features these days, and browser adoption is great! Let’s talk about why these features are popping up, get to know them a bit, and see if we can have some fun along the way. We’ll be looking at Set, Map, Promises, async / await, and having some fun with our old friends Object and Array. We’ll look at some of the quirks of the language, ways we can turn them to our advantage, and hopefully have some fun with code along the way.

About David

David is a creative technologist, living and working in the UK. He co-founded ​Gifyyy an animated gif photobooth for event photographers. He also works part-time as a senior developer with Bright Analytics, a dashboarding and analytics tool, here in london. His background is all over the place, but these days he mostly works with the web platform. He has probably written too much code.

d3 and moving things

by Roberto Cascavilla @robotlabs

D3 is one of the most famous library, when you talk about data. Data Driven Documents, let’s see what it is, why use it and how to use it.

We will explore and separate d3 data manipulation, d3 data binding and d3 data rendering.

About Roberto

Roberto is a developer with more than 15 years experience. With his roots in Italy, his mind everywhere he’s trying to survive London weather.

He worked for advertising agencies such as Unit9, rehabStudio, StinkDigital.

He is working now with Pirelli, taking care of data-visualization and FE development