London Web Standards run a monthly, evening meetup for developers and web creators, to discuss creating websites to web standards, and how they impact you, your organisation, your audience and your clients. Meetups are generally on the third Monday of the month, although the date can vary.

Turn up between 6:30 and 7:00, grab a beer and a pizza – courtesy of our generous sponsors, and have a chat to others – we are a friendly bunch. Then settle in for a couple of talks on any of a wide range of current web development topics.

We also put on a one day conference, ‘The State of the Browser’ every Spring. To get the general idea, take a look at this year’s event site: http://stateofthebrowser.com/

Interested? Use the form on our site to sign up for news on our events, by email. You can also follow ‘webstandards‘ on Twitter for notices, meetup dates, talks, agendas etc. : http://twitter.com/webstandards