We are working to recover the full list of events organised by London Web Standards since… the beginning of times. In the meantime, here are the upcoming and more recent ones.

  • May 2020

    18 May 2020 We are back! And we are finally restarting our web community meetups. RVU (map) has kindly agreed to host us and we will update this page has soon as we have more details about the speakers and the arrangements for the evening. As per usual, we will have an event page ready for registration. Stay tuned, update coming soon. – The LWS team

  • State of the Browser 2019

    14 September 2019 The eighth edition of State of the Browser, a yearly conference organised by London Web Standards. A one-day, single-track conference with widely varying talks about the modern web, accessibility, web standards and more. Visit the #Sotb2019 website.

  • State of the Browser 2018

    8 Semptember 2018 The seventh edition of State of the Browser, a yearly conference organised by London Web Standards that connects browser vendors and the web community. Visit the #Sotb2018 website.

  • #lwsAug18

    20 August 2018 We are still working on recovering the details for this specific events. The Atomic Way! by Alana Foley-Keane @AlanaFoleyKeane

  • #lwsJul18

    16 July 2018 Your Reality Here by Peter Gasston @stopsatgreen The smartphone market has reached maturity, and everyone’s wondering what’s next. In this talk Peter will look at the most likely candidate for the post-mobile platform, giving reasons why it’s the most likely, and exploring what role the Web will play. About Peter Peter is a veteran web developer and technologist who now works as innovation lead at London agency rehab, on projects for clients including Google and Facebook, and in partnership with some of the world’s biggest creative agencies.

  • #lwsJun18

    18 June 2018 Re-decentralising the web by Calum Ryan @calum_ryan We’ll see how the IndieWeb has a part to play in re-decentralising the web: making the case for less dependence on centralised services like Facebook and Twitter without necessarily abandoning them altogether. We’ll discuss practical ways forward to achieve this not only as individuals but as a community broadening awareness and inclusion beyond the tech bubble. Plus a look at the latest W3C specifications including Webmentions and Micropub.

  • #lwsMay18

    21 May 2018 Teaching JavaScript to Sing by David Miller @Orangetronic JavaScript has some pretty powerful new(ish) language features these days, and browser adoption is great! Let’s talk about why these features are popping up, get to know them a bit, and see if we can have some fun along the way. We’ll be looking at Set, Map, Promises, async / await, and having some fun with our old friends Object and Array.