“Re-decentralising the web” by Calum Ryan & “Narrowing the gap between native and web apps: Web Push Notifications” by Massimo Franciosa

Re-decentralising the web

by Calum Ryan @calum_ryan

We'll see how the IndieWeb has a part to play in re-decentralising the web: making the case for less dependence on centralised services like Facebook and Twitter without necessarily abandoning them altogether. We'll discuss practical ways forward to achieve this not only as individuals but as a community broadening awareness and inclusion beyond the tech bubble. Plus a look at the latest W3C specifications including Webmentions and Micropub.

About Calum

Calum Ryan is a front-end developer living in Tonbridge, Kent who also co-organises a monthly meetup called Homebrew Website London in his spare time: supporting IndieWeb's people-focused rather than project-focused approach. For the past 5 years he's worked remotely for Essex-based digital marketing agency We Create Digital developing customised themes for WordPress and for the e-commerce platform Magento.

Narrowing the gap between native and web apps: Web Push Notifications

by Massimo Franciosa @mazzimo_f

Web push notifications is one of the stepping stones that will allow web applications to be indistinguishable from native apps. This talk will introduce you to features and limitations of this technology.

About Massimo

Massimo is Web Developer for easyJet. He has 10 years of experience in software development across Italy and the UK. He mainly codes in C# and Javascript and likes to build stuff, whether it's his wife's travel blog or a Doctor Who Lego set.