LWS July 2024

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Unravelling the Mystery of Network Latency in China by Steve Workman

What started as a desk-side conversation on why so many requests to a new API from China were traveling thousands of miles to the USA, unravelled a mystery of what life is like for a network request in mainland China.

Join us for story time with Maersk's Front-End Engineering leader Steve Workman, and learn what happens inside the great firewall, and how you can go faster in China.

Level Up: Developing Developers by Melinda Seckington

As video games have become more and more complex, game designers put way more time into creating environments where players are engaged and willing to put the time and effort into learning and mastering these skills.

As engineering leaders, we can learn a lot from how games are designed to make internal experiences better, since itโ€™s a similar type of environment we want to create: an environment where people can learn and master skills. We should make it easier for developers to understand what options are available to them, allow them to make time for learning and provide structures and processes for them to develop the skills that they want and need for future roles.

This talk will look at how to use competencies and career development frameworks to help level up developers, what types of processes you can introduce to support personal development and how anyone in a product team should be using opportunities like these to get a better understanding of what skills they should focus on.

Greenwich's Student Web Designers by Charlotte Brown

Join us for an insightful and engaging talk that delves into the UK's only Masters course dedicated exclusively to web design and content planning, as seen through the eyes of a current student. This unique opportunity offers a firsthand account of the program's distinctive features, expansive curriculum, and the transformative impact it has on aspiring web designers. Our speaker, an enthusiastic and driven student, will share their journey through the course, highlighting aspects she believes is the core foundation of the new generation of web juniors in the coming years.

We are back! And we are finally restarting our web community meetups.

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Greenwich University

Address: 10 Stockwell Street, Greenwich, SE10 9BD
Url: www.gre.ac.uk/
Getting here: How to travel to Greenwich University

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